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Flip the coin.

Such exhiliration to know you have value.

I lead an ordinary life. I work every day, I love my husband and my children, I make people laugh, I write and blog. I'm 38 and unapologetic about it. I don't pretend to be something I'm not.

But I have days where nothing goes the way it should. Half of friday was like that, and I really took to heart all that transpired.

Then, this weekend, most of those feelings were erased by a Lion.

Let me elaborate: See, there's this guy --

WAIT, don't jump to conclusions. There's this guy who is an actor, but now he's a writer, and he wrote and made a slasher movie, among other things. He's amazing. Scares the hell out of you if you let him.

Anyway, this guy. I started doing alterations on some of the photos I found - most are of him and that monster he created. A lot of photos of him. He absolutely murders the camera. Photogenic doesn't even begin to describe him.

I started touching up and altering these photos and he expressed interest in them right away.

I love doing this, always have, but never focused on one subject and therefore never gained anyone's admiration for it. Its like art's little cousin. Or maybe its art and I just don't know it.

I watched an interview he did, and he described post-production as those guys that edit everything afterwards, and it may not be exactly what the writer wrote to begin with, that they have to say "...I'm the storyteller as well."

I totally got it. I don't make take the picture. I'm not in the picture. The photo is fine as is. But I like to dress it a little, make it scary or ethereal or confusing.

I'm trying not to gush here (haha, bad pun as this is a slasher guy) but it's incredibly uplifting for someone to really enjoy this and for me to know its MY eye that sees what that photo could be, and turn it into that.

This has changed my mood from the awfulness of Friday afternoon. I'm not saying that Friday afternoon wasn't horrible. It was. But that was as a result of feeling less than. Maybe I needed a Leo around, in some capacity, to counteract that poison fed to me regularly in other areas of my life.

Relief. Someone who writes about unspeakable terror and horror, who invests in vats of 'blood' and rusty weaponry -- helped to loose that knot of tension. That is such a surprise, and yet -- not surprising at all. I feel a slight vibe of friendship. Many thanks to the slasher guy for that.



February 2014

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